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This is mostly for [ profile] rabiduschathoi and I, but seriously, if you have any idea who we're talking about, pretty please join in. Essentially you can comment with anything related to the two of them, whether it be prompts & fills, or fics that you came up with yourself. WE JUST NEED TO MAKE THIS A FANDOM, OKAY? PRETTY, PRETTY PLEASE? (and, yes, okay, it already has a fandom on tumblr but that just makes me feel old, hush.)

(If you don't know who they are, they are/were contestants on The Glee Project. Cameron's the most adorable, geeky hipster, and Damian's the Irish sweetheart ♥ Neither of them can dance, Damian's American accent is appalling, and they're best friends with the most awesome, genuine bromance that wasn't fake or used for publicity. LOVE THEM.)

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Just letting you guys know that I'm gonna be living in this post for the foreseeable future. I need all the fic ever about these two!

Spoilers for last episod aired:

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Spoilers for last episode aired:

Okay, seriously? Cameron had it IN THE BAG with the whole crying/wanting to go home thing. I swear at that point Ryan had already decided that Cameron needed to win because he could write for him/liked his personality/would be respectful of his boundaries, etc. When Cameron gave that up and Ryan was like: Damien is staying now because of you, I was like <3 __ <3

I wouldn't be surprised it Cameron made it onto the show, anyway. *shrug* Ryan really liked him.

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I'd be all over that. They are made of win. When Damian was repeating everything Cameron said? I DIED OF LOVE. It was so hilarious. They're adorkable love.

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Okay, so, since I seem to be a bit of a prompt!whore lately, I might as well prompt something here ;)

Cameron and Damian at Hogwarts. (and the rest of TGP people, I guess!)

Edit: Yes I did just edit this so that I could use my shiny new Cameron/Damian icon, thank you [ profile] finkpishnets :D
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Haha, welcome! Also, this is an awesome prompt.

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I am glad you like it! I basically just want to see everyone ever at Hogwarts, tbh.

we were young and restless | 1/?

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I don't know what this is, exactly, but there'll be more of it. Otherwise, it's a bit of a random, too-long drabble. And the reason I'm posting this little bit is so I am forced to continue it mostly. :)

It takes maybe two days by the pool for Damian to become just one long body of pale pink sunburn. His skin stings when he touches it but he doesn’t care, he says. A little bit of sunburn isn’t going to keep him out of the sun.

His mam might just, though. She forces a T-shirt over his head, glaring at him and saying, “don’t you dare” in her low, angry voice when he goes to pull it right back off. She sits him down on a deckchair in the shade and pours and slaps so much suntan cream onto his skin that he tell’s her he’ll be tasting it with everything he eats for the rest of the week.

“So be it.” Is all she says, and gets him right on the nose with a great dollop of the stuff, spreading it across his cheeks with the full palm of her hands while he splutters. He gets some in his mouth. “Give me your arm,” Mam says. He sighs and does as he’s told.

She spreads cream all up his arm, along the back of his hand, and even on the webs between his fingers. Damian rolls his eyes at her and huffs, and he thinks, god, woman, and then flops back against her hold so he’s lying across the deckchair with his head hanging off the other side.

His eyes catch on another kid’s, and he’s a pinker kind of kid than he is, and older, too, but he’s still having a T-shirt pulled down over his belly by his mam and he’s got that newly-sticky look of the quite-ill and the recently-attacked-by-suntan-cream. His legs are still whiter than white and his hair’s that sandy blonde that’s probably meant to be brown but it’s been left out too long in the sun, and Damian thinks, he seems cool and I wonder if he’ll talk to me. He and Damian share a look that’s all when will it end? and then the other kid rolls his eyes and grins this little grin.

Damian brings his chin into his chest for a second, blinking, but then he smiles, too.

Re: we were young and restless | 1/?

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afghjkl I don't even know what this is and I don't care because it's wonderful and you're writing fic about them ♥♥♥

Re: we were young and restless | 1/?

Date: 2011-08-05 02:03 am (UTC)
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Hearts, they are in my eyes! Ugh, this is so wonderful already and nothing has even happened!

I wonder if he'll talk to me Damiaaaaan <33333

Re: we were young and restless | 1/?

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:DDD Thank you, my lovely! :D ♥!

we were young and restless | 2/?

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There’s an art to the perfectly executed dive-bomb, apparently, but Damian just likes throwing himself at the water and pulling all his limbs in, falling and jumping nearly at the same time and then hitting the water.

He pulls himself out of his little ball of destruction as his mam calls it and blinks underwater, using his arms to keep himself under for longer until all the bubbles have floated up to the surface and he can see clearly again. He sweeps his hand through the water like he’s throwing something and feels the water move against his face. He smiles and blinks.

Then he turns and sees someone’s pale blue legs next to him, and he sees the bottom of a white T-shirt at the surface of the water, and most of all he sees the way they’ve got their arms held rigidly at their sides, tense. He remembers, sort of, that kid from earlier and how he’d been in the water when Damian’d jumped in, walking in really slowly. Oops, Damian thinks, and pushes himself to the surface.

He closes his eyes while he breaks the surface and then gets his nose above the water, stopping there. He blinks until the water’s stopped getting in his eyes and looks at the kid in the T-shirt, widening his eyes in a way he’s hoping looks apologetic. The kid’s drenched and he’s spluttering, still, and Damian grins a little under the water where no one’ll see it, then pushes himself up.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” He says, touching the other kid’s shoulder. “I didn’t see you, I’m sorry!”

After having a bit of a splutter and wiping his glasses with just the pads of his fingers,(who wears glasses in a swimming pool? Damian thinks, but he still thinks this kid has the potential to be really cool, so he’ll wait and see) the kid in the T-shirt shrugs and smiles a little and says, “‘S okay, I was gonna get wet anyway.” And since Damian had been a little worried he was going to get shouted at my someone’s parents, he grins a grin that’s maybe a little wide.

“That’s good, then.” He says, and flops back into the water, still grinning. “I’m Damian.”

The other kid nods and sort of stands a little awkwardly, and Damian wonders if he’s really as cool as he’d thought and takes pity on him. He grabs his arm and pulls him down into the water so he’s flat on his back in the shallow end, laughing and protesting and pushing his stupid glasses up his nose.

“I’m Cameron.” He says, when he’s finished coughing from the water he’d swallowed and is sitting on the steps in the shallow end watching Damian swim around him. Damian flips over and sends water splashing over onto Cameron’s shoulders, but Cameron his ducks his head out of the way and then splashes Damian by kicking his legs, sticking his tongue out.

“No, no, wait!” Damian shouts, getting his legs under himself and standing so Cameron has to look up at him. “You’re American?” He asks, totally awed because that’s just the coolest thing ever. Cameron nods, smiling shyly, and Damian laughs in delight. “Say something in American.” He demands.
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Re: we were young and restless | 2/?

Date: 2011-08-06 06:03 pm (UTC)
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“Say something in American.”

Ohgosh, that made me laugh so hard (all I'm hearing is "say something in English" right now). This is literally the most adorable thing ever.

Re: we were young and restless | 2/?

Date: 2011-08-06 06:14 pm (UTC)
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Ahaha it's a natural reaction to awesome accents ;) Eee thank you my lovely! ♥!

we were young and restless | 3/?

Date: 2011-08-06 06:00 pm (UTC)
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Damian doesn’t see Cameron at all the next day because his parents want to drive around and look at rocks and castles and things, so he can’t go to the pool, but when they go to dinner that night Cameron and his family are sitting on the next table.

“Will you sit.” Damian’s mam says, and he does because he knows he’s been a pain all day and he’s worried he won’t get ice cream, but he and Cameron sneak glances and giggle with each other through the whole meal. Damian’s just finishing off his ice cream when Cameron comes over and stands next to Damian’s mam, hands behind his back and waiting for her to look at her.

“Mrs. McGinty, can Damian come down to the Games Room for a bit now?” He asks, biting his lip and looking at her behind his glasses with wide eyes Damian always tries to do and never quite can. Damian’s mam looks over at Cameron’s and then nods, smiling at them both, and Cameron sneakily winks at Damian while she’s not looking.

“Thanks, mam!” Damian says, and grabs Cameron’s wrist, already halfway to running out the restaurant and down the stairs. The Games Room is empty and Cameron runs to the massive chess set and then stands with his hands on top of the Queen’s head and grins at Damian just from the freedom of it all.

They play Table Tennis and Cameron wins (it’s all in the stupidly longer arms, Damian insists), and they only have maybe half an hour before Damian’s mam comes down to get him, but it makes the day a really really good one instead of just okay.

we were young and restless | 4/?

Date: 2011-08-06 06:01 pm (UTC)
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It’s Damian’s mam’s idea to sign him up for the talent competition at the end of the week, but when she tells Damian he’s sure, he’s certain, that he’s going to win. He practices his song everywhere: in the shower; at breakfast; in the car when they’re driving around looking for another rock Damian’s parents try to persuade him is interesting; in the pool.

“You’re entering the talent contest?” Cameron asks him, stopping still and letting Damian splash him. Damian keeps singing for a second and then stops still, too.

“Yeah, why?”

Cameron bites his lip and then shrugs. “So’m I.” He says, and suddenly Damian’s not so sure he wants to win anymore.

Weird, he thinks, and goes back to splashing Cameron because the way Cameron splutters and then grins and splashes back is just better, really, than thinking things through.

we were young and restless | 5/?

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The night of the talent competition, Damian turns all his jittery nervous butterflies into laps around the pool, running until the lifeguard steps down and stops him with an arm around his chest and a pretty horrible sounding threat that he’ll end up with his brains floating in the water if he’s not careful.

“You won’t be mad, will you?” He asks Cameron. “If I win?”

Cameron smiles and frowns at the same time, somehow, and Damian’s not sure what that means and he sort of fidgets while he waits for Cameron to answer him. Instead Cameron just keeps looking at him. Then Cameron shrugs.

“Nope.” He says, and smiles properly. Damian grins at him and ignores the way his belly feels too heavy and too full, now.


Damian’s belly drops right out of him when he hears Cameron sing, though, because he’s amazing and sweet and he gets this massive round of applause and he’s definitely going to win. He’ll even beat that Alex kid who did the ballet, and he’ll definitely beat Damian.

“You’re amazing!” Damain tells Cameron when he comes off. Cameron ducks his head and blushes, shuffling his feet. “You didn’t tell me you were good!” Cameron shrugs, and Damian grins to hide his flush, because that’d come out so much more accusing than he’d meant it to.

When it’s Damian’s turn on stage he sings it the best he’s ever sung it, but he can still hear the applause Cameron’d got in his ears and it drowns out any he gets on his own.

we were young and restless | 6/7

Date: 2011-08-06 06:03 pm (UTC)
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After the competition’s over it takes Damian a little while to get away from his parents. When he does, sneaking ‘round the back of the little hut they keep the sport’s equipment and stuff in when his mam’s busy with some other girl’s parents, he’s not sure at first where to go to find Cameron.

He finds him down at the pool. He’s sitting on the edge of it with his trousers rolled up and his feet in the water, the lights making shadows against the tiles at the bottom whenever he splashes his feet. Damian stops when he sees him and huffs, his breath coming too quickly from running down all the stairs. Cameron looks up at him and smiles.

“Congratulations.” He says, and pats the space next to him until Damian rolls his trousers up, too, and sits down.

“You didn’t have to do that.” Damian says. “You shouldn’t’ve. You’d won, you know.”

Cameron shrugs. “I don’t care about a stupid talent contest.” He lies, and kicks one of his legs so water splashes over both of their thighs. “And you did care, and I wanted you to win, really. So...” He shrugs again. Damian kicks the water, too, but more violently. But he is grateful, even if he doesn’t understand it, so he puts his hand on top of Cameron’s where he’s pressing it into the side of the pool and he wraps his fingers around Cameron’s palm.

“Thank you.” He says. “But you shouldn’t have done it.” Cameron turns to argue, face flushed either from that or from their hands, but Damian pretends it’s from that. “No, I mean- You left too early after you told them you didn’t want to take part anymore.” He says. “I didn’t win. That Alex guy did.”

Cameron blinks at him. “Ah.” He says, and Damian grins because the idea of someone else winning hadn’t even occurred to Cameron and that’s sort of amazing. So Damian leans forward and kisses at Cameron’s lips with his own.

He pulls away quickly and they both blink at each other, blushing. Damian tightens his fingers until he remembers he’s still sort of holding Cameron’s hand, and this is so gay of him, he realises.

He looks away from Cameron just as Cameron chokes out a hoarse sound like he’s just forced himself to start breathing again, and he grabs Damian’s chin with firm fingers and kisses him again, properly. Or at least he kisses him for longer, and they kiss until Damian feels like he’s maybe getting the hang of it; of how to breathe and how to make Cameron shift closer to him. Until Cameron pulls away again and Damian grins and laughs.

“Okay.” He says. “That was weird.” But he finds he can’t look at Cameron and he ends up looking at their feet in the pool, instead.

“Yeah.” Cameron agrees. “Um.”

Neither of them says anything for a little while and Damian starts splashing his feet just so he’ll have something to listen to besides the crickets. Cameron’s hand moves and Damian lets it go with a start, staring at his feet. But Cameron grabs his hand back, this time palm-to-palm, and touches Damian’s ankle underwater with his toes.

Damian sneaks a look at Cameron and sees him sneaking a look back; they smile at each other, starting to giggle. Damian looks down at their feet again.

“It was okay, though.” Cameron whispers. Damian smiles and squeezes his hand.

we were young and restless | 7/7

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Cameron’s waiting in the morning, sitting on the wall of the gate out of the hotel, when Damian and his parents are driving out on the way to the airport. It’s still so early that Damian’s barely got his eye’s open and would’ve missed Cameron if his dad hadn’t pointed him out. Damian stumbles out of the car and Cameron grabs him in a hug, holding onto Damian so tightly that he wouldn’t have been able to wriggle out of it even if he’d wanted to.

“Here. Um.” Cameron says, and gives Damian a piece of paper. It’s got an address and a phone number on it, and Damian suddenly realises that the only way he’s got of ever seeing Cameron again is through this tiny piece of paper.

“I’ll call you.” He promises anyway, and then his mam passes him the back page out of her diary on which she’s already written their address and number. Damian grins at her and kisses her cheek through the car window, Cameron saying “Thank you so much, Mrs. McGinty” like she’s offered to give him Damian to keep.

Damian hands over the piece of paper very solemnly and Cameron promises to call him, too. Then Damian has to hug him one last time.

“Bye, Damian.” Cameron says, as Damian gets into the car. They drive away. He can see Cameron still until they turn the corner, back to sitting on the wall and clutching that piece of paper. I’ll see you again, Damian thinks, promising himself, waving goodbye.

| end |

I have this vague idea for a sequel where they send letters to each other and have silly phone calls and send emails and then discover Skype together and stuff, and then eventually lose contact because of something silly Cameron does, and then they magically meet up later in life and somehow Lyndsey and Hannah are involved and it's generally all things improbable and awesome, but chances are it won't get written. Still, THIS HAS POTENTIAL TO TURN INTO A VERSE, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? D: Oh, and they'd be BFFs with UST and history which I feel like they already kind of embody and would be fun to write, but NO I WILL NOT WRITE THIS GAH. I love them, ugh. Love you guys, too! ♥!

Re: we were young and restless | 7/7

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Cameron saying “Thank you so much, Mrs. McGinty” like she’s offered to give him Damian to keep.

afghjkl I can't even. And Cameron giving up the talent show for Damian and Damian not even winning and ohgosh tears! I love this like burning.

Also, hi, you know what you should write? THE REST OF THE VERSE! *cough* Not that I'm trying to persuade you or anything...

Re: we were young and restless | 7/7

Date: 2011-08-06 07:11 pm (UTC)
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:D Oh, Bobbie, gah. Thank you! So so so happy you enjoyed it! Gah, you are so lovely :D Grinning all over the place, thank you!

I'd love to say 'no way' but ugh we both know I'm not capable. So maybe. Maybe. IDK. Maybe. ;)


Re: we were young and restless | 7/7

Date: 2011-08-06 06:36 pm (UTC)
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Oh, oh, oh this is my favourite ever. It is the most adorable thing I've ever read! They're so shy and giggly and lovely and adorable and I love them and this so, so much.

You know, now that you've told us about the sequel, you are going to have to write it because it's the most amazing and I need it like crazy. So... yeah. Please and stuff...? I promise I am not too proud to beg.

♥ ♥ ♥ (f I were less lazy, you would get more hearts here because you deserve them all, jsyk)

Re: we were young and restless | 7/7

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Oh ♥____♥ you are so lovely, thank you! I'm just so so happy you enjoyed it and didn't think it was too silly and random :P

Aha I know, I know, and I kind of hoped it would mean that at least you knew what happened to them, but then... well. Yeah. Maybe, okay? Just maybe.

♥ x infinity! ;)

Re: we were young and restless | 7/7

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I can deal with maybe! And yes, it is nice to know the general gist of what happens to them, even if you don't end up writing it so thank you! :D

Re: we were young and restless | 7/7

Date: 2012-01-26 02:31 pm (UTC)
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Oh, this is lovely! Say something in American, indeed :)

If you wrote more of this, I would eat it up with two spoons, bb!