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Intro: Firstly, thank you so much for writing for me! I'm a fairly easy person to please, honestly, so no pressure and whatever you come up with I'm certain I'll adore. Normally whenever I sign up for these things I'm so caught up with what I'm writing for someone that I forget entirely that someone's gifting me too, and that's always the nicest part of any exchange. That being said, if you have any questions, anon message me and I'll be happy to answer!

Reference: I have a fandom/ship list here that I at least try to keep somewhat up to date. If you want to use other ships besides the rare pair ones in any given fandom, then that should give you a heads up as to what I'm into.

Dislikes: abo universe, unhappy endings, humiliation/embarrassment, deathfic, darkfic, 1st/2nd person narration, adultery (teenagers cheating on their gf/bf is fine, just not married adults who have been together a long time), non-con/dub-con, um, just anything that'll give me second-hand embarrassment, I guess? (I'm pretty easy; as long as everyone doesn't die horribly/end up sad then I'm good.)

Likes: happy endings, first times, misunderstandings, accidental dating, alternate universes (high school/college/space/fantasy/crossover/band/any), fake relationships, road trips, time travel, requited pining, post-canon codas, general fluffy things with a slight sharp edge, (kinks: dirty talk, foreplay, riding, height/size difference, just generally two people being super into whatever they're doing and vocal/obvious about it).

As for the specific fandoms/ships I've requested:

Mass Effect
Steve Cortez/James Vega | Kaidan Alenko/James Vega

I love these games largely because I love everyone that sets foot aboard the Normandy, if that's any help. My OTP may be male!Shepard/Kaidan but I'm pretty much happy with any and all variations of the crew. Steve Cortez/James Vega is one of those ships I accidentally think of as canon and then alarm myself when I realise it's not, so anything about the two of them getting together would be amazing. When I saw Kaidan/James was a possible ship request I first thought about them meeting when James was "guarding" Shepard on Earth at the beginning of ME3, then thought about them bonding over Shepard being "loco" aboard the ship, then just thought "hey, this could be a really fun ship in general" so. Basically, I'd be so happy with anything.

Steph Brown/Nick Gage | Steph Brown/Dick Grayson

Stephanie Brown in my favourite lady in the DCU, so you're off to a great start no matter what you come up with. (Dick Grayson, incidentally, is my favourite dude.) Steph's Batgirl run is so amazing, and her relationship with Nick is just so good, and seriously, anything following on from that dynamic would make me so very happy. Generally just Nick feeling really guilty for flirting with this girl that is definitely far too young for him but not being able to bring himself to stop, and Steph being all sorts of ridiculous and enamoured and never knowing when to keep her mouth shut. As for Steph/Dick, the batfam are my everything (Bruce aside) and the relationships between all of them are really important to me. Dick as Batman is the best thing the DCU has ever given me, and the Steph/Damian dynamic is pure gold. (Also the Tim/Dick/Damian dynamic.) I'm fairly easy here, I just love the Robins/Batgirls/various others all being close and having each other's backs, and Dick being a pseudo big brother to everyone.

Unique Adams/Ryder Lynn | Marley Rose/Kitty Wilde

Right. Okay. Let's talk about Glee. I suppose I should just straight up say that I find the majority of what this show does to be a train wreck, but I love (elements of) it anyway. Also, I just really, really like the New New Directions. I loved the idea that Unique was Katie, and I also understand Ryder's anger at being lied to, but once again the show veered in the direction of downright offensive when it comes to the way people treat Unique as a character. So, yeah. Anything that fixes that would be amazing. Or just anything where they're both cuties. As for Marley/Kitty, that set-up already has me sold, so once again, anything! (I suppose I like the idea of canon-based fic for this fandom more than outright AU's.) I love fic that includes the friendships between all the members of the New New Directions (and I suppose I should also say that I'm a huge Blaine/Sam shipper - and also love them all but leading the New New Directions because Will who?). Basically anything set during S4/early S5/veers off post graduation would be excellent! Breadstix and parties and teenagers being teenagers, oh my!

Young Justice
Roy Harper/Kaldur'ahm | Dick Grayson/Kaldur'ahm | Kon-El/Kaldur'ahm

Oh man, anything! Everything! You can't go wrong with any of these combinations, seriously. Canon, AU's, fusions, whatever you feel like writing. (I've written a few YJ fics myself, if you want a look into my personal characterisations for these characters, but really, anything.) I'll admit to loving post-show fic, since I miss it and am still so mad at Cartoon Network, and - like every fandom I have, apparently - I love the friendships between the team. Young Justice is one of my primary fandoms and I adore it, so seriously, whatever you're inspired to write, I know I'll enjoy.

Young Avengers
David Alleyne/Tommy Shepherd | Kate Bishop/America Chavez | David Alleyne/Loki | Kate Bishop/Tommy Shepherd

Once again, team dynamics! Friends being amazing! No, but really, David/Tommy is the OTP that punched me in the head during the latest YA run and has firmly cemented itself in my heart. I particularly love the trope of everyone thinking Tommy's leading David on, or warning him to be careful, when Tommy's really just taking things slowly (for once in his life). Their banter/easy dynamic is also a favourite of mine. Kate/America is another given - "princess" - and I also love Kate/Clint (as a ship and just as besties) so if he's in it then bonus points. (I also love Kate being really close with Teddy and Billy since they've been together since pretty much the very start.) As for David/Loki, I love how the latest YA run ended (and Loki in the new Loki: Agent of Asgard run is p e r f e c t) and I guess I just love the idea of Loki (half-heartedly) trying to be the good guy that's David's "type". As for Kate/Tommy, I once again like that they've known each other a long time, and have history (I also ship Kate/Eli and Tommy/Eli just fyi) and that even with that history they're really at ease around each other.

Heroes of Olympus
Nico di Angelo/Jason Grace/Percy Jackson | Annabeth Chase/Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano

NICO DI ANGELO, SWEET ANGEL CHILD OF MY HEART. Percy/Nico is my OTP, but like the rest of the fandom, I've become interested in his relationship with Jason, too, so obviously threesomes. (Percy is also one of my very favourite characters, just fyi.) I guess I'd just love to see how this dynamic would play out, in any scenario. As for Annabeth/Reyna, just anything in which they're their strong, smart, competent selves and also possibly in love would be excellent.

Note: Reading back over these, I realise how incredibly vague and unhelpful they are, but that's mostly because I genuinely do love most things and I don't want you to feel tied down to specific prompts that I happened to jot down at midnight for no reason except they were the first things to come to mind. If you have ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL feel free to ask! AND THANK YOU AGAIN!


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