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Hi, wonderful person!

So, this is my first year participating in Yuletide (I've always been a little intimidated by it in the past, and then this year I took part in Rare Pairs and realised, hey, they're basically the same thing! so that was easy) and I'm excited to write and to get to request some smaller fandoms I'm super into (and, let's be real, if you're into them too then anything you write is going to make me ecstatic). Honestly, take everything on here with a pinch of salt, and just write whatever the hell you want and know I'll be totally into it anyway.

That being said, I'll try and be a little helpful. Okay, so:

I like slash, femslash, het, and poly relationships, but am equally happy with no romance at all. I love trope based fic, and character studies, and long plotty things, and short fluffy oneshots, and action and gen and porn and friendship dynamics. I tend to steer towards lighter stories but I also love a good dose of angst especially if it's appropriate for the fandom. Really, you can't go wrong, so have fun creating whatever catches your fancy and I can assure you that as soon as the fics go live I will be sat there grinning stupidly at my screen.

Things I'm not so keen on: abo universes, unhappy endings, humiliation/embarrassment, deathfic, 1st/2nd person narration, non-con/dub-con, pwp.

Things I love: happy endings, first times, misunderstandings, accidental dating, alternate universes (high school/college/space/fantasy/historical/band/any!), fake relationships, road trips, time travel, genderswap, requited pining, canon inserts, post-canon codas, general fluffy things with a sharp edge, non-sober antics, slow burn. (kinks: dirty talk, foreplay, riding, height/size difference, just generally two people being super into whatever they're doing and vocal/obvious about it).

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[dorian gray, victor frankenstein, ethan chandler, vanessa ives]

Uh, so I'm going to straight away contradict everything I've written above for this one. Because, let's be real, anything that's not gruesome and dark and angsty wouldn't really fit with the show. The world of Penny Dreadful is everything that triggers my imagination, so something rooted in canon would be wonderful.

My primary ship for this show is Ethan/Victor, but I also just love the on-screen dynamics between Vanessa&Victor, Vanessa&Dorian, Vanessa&Ethan, and Ethan&Dorian, whether it's character driven, mystery team-ups, or sibling-esque relationships (though not in Ethan/Dorian's case; I'm obviously here for the sex there).

I would read entire series on Vanessa/Victor/Ethan being a supernaturally driven team of not-so-good guys, going out and about in Victorian England, Vanessa dragging them to parties and séances and delighting in shocking the other guests, and Victor being stuck in his notes for days before Ethan drags him down to the cellar to shoot or learn poker. I'd love them sitting around the Murray house exchanging banter and sexual innuendo and seeing who can make Victor blush the hardest. Just, anything that develops on the ever-growing relationship between these three would be amazing.

Josh's quote - "Under the circumstances, maybe every character could be attracted to each other in a certain way." - is pretty much how I see this show. Just a whole lot of Victorian sexuality and gothic backgrounds.



by gail carriger

[biffy, lord akeldama, professor lyall, alexia tarabotti]

Another fandom I would prefer rooted in canon, if possible. I just love this world a lot. Also, though I've picked these four characters in particular, I love everyone so add people as you please!

My primary ship is Biffy/Lyall, and I'd love something set post-series, either a long way down the road when Lyall can come back, or about the times they see each other in between, or just another big mystery for everyone to solve together again! I'd love insight into Lyall's relationship with Alessandro and Biffy's relationship with Lord Akeldama and how that affects them. I'd love fic where Biffy, Lyall, and Lord Akeldama all have to Team Up to save their friends complete with banter and appropriate clothing and Lyall missing normal pack dynamics more than ever. I'd love Alexia and Conell having to save them from a situation that Lord Akeldama swears is just a misunderstanding, really. I'd love Alexia just being exasperated with all the men around her because they're family but they're also ridiculous. I'd love Lyall and Alexia talking more about her father or not talking about her father.

Basically, I love canon, and I love how everything ended (even the bits that made me sad) because they couldn't really end, and I'd just love anything at all that played around in the world already laid out, whether pre, during, or post series.



[minho, newt, thomas]

(So, I have read the books. I am more than happy to pretend otherwise and let you go wherever you want based on the movie (which I, uh, preferred anyway), though obviously if you wanted to include spoilers that would be fine too. Now that's out of the way...)

I've requested The Mighty Gladers because I love these three the most, but feel free to include whoever you want, all the characters in the film are great. I ship Newt/Thomas the hardest, but I also love Newt/Thomas/Minho and any variation of, and the three of them being leaders and also awesome is what I'm here for.

This one is totally fair game: I'd love canon inserts or future fic or AUs or anything. Seriously, give me them rushing a frat or meeting at orientation or being on opposing sports teams. Give me day to day activity in the Glade or your take or what happens post-movie or canon divergences. Give me fic where they end up in Beacon Hills or go to Hogwarts or live on a spaceship. Give me first times and awkward morning afters and hiding from the other boys. Give me false memories or science-made-them-do-it or having to rescue one another from horrible situations. Give me late nights talking about what they do remember and early mornings pretending they don't remember anything. Give me pining and misunderstandings and (temporarily) losing one another. Bonus points if any of the above involve making out.

I'm so easy, seriously, as long as Newt is still Newt then I'm going to be happy.

(And, you know, if you could have Newt calling Thomas "Tommy" then A+++++)


by katherine applegate

[benjamin passmore, claire geiger, lucas cabral, nina geiger]

Ending with this one primarily because it's my longest shot but also because HI IF YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT THEN LET'S BE FRIENDS FOR LIFE OKAY. (I'm also going to put far more detail in here than any of the others, oops.) I'm still the only person I know who's ever read these books save a girl in my class when I was 13 and we'd save up and alternate who bought the next one. They're so formative for me, and I own all 28 and I re-read them every year or so even though I can quote them by now. Also the characters are my favourite characters. SO.


"They've all grown up together on a tiny island. They think they know everything about one another...but they're only just beginning to find out the truth."

Set in the '90s on Chatham Island, off the coast of Maine, the books follow the lives of Zoey, Benjamin, Nina, Claire, Lucas, Jake, and Aisha as they deal with all sorts of difficult situations and relationship drama. They're a teen soap opera in literary form (Lucas was in jail for killing Jake's brother only it turns out he was covering for someone else, Zoey starts the series dating Jake but has a thing for Lucas, Nina (MY EVERYTHING) has a crush on best friend Zoey's brother Benjamin who's dating her sister Claire, etc, etc, and that's just, you know, book one). They were originally called Boyfriends/Girlfriends, and there are 28 in the series, though Katherine Applegate only actually wrote the first eight and the later ones were all ghostwritten, which is...really obvious when you realise? (It took me years to figure it out.) THEY'RE ALSO AMAZING.


Since I'm the only person that nominated this (it's an eternal long shot), the four characters I went for were Nina, Benjamin, Claire, and Lucas, because they're my favourites, but obviously I would accept fic about anyone, let's be real.

Nina/Benjamin is such a formative ship for me, I'll love them forever, so anything about them would be amazing, whether it be set during the books or after the books, or, hell, even before the books with Nina crushing on Benjamin and acting like a dork every time he tries to have a conversation with her. I love their banter, and how important Boston is to them, and Nina's quirky habits that Benjamin loves about her. I'd also love to see them finding their way back to each other post-Benjamin's eyesight being restored and him at college and her not sure what she wants to do with her life. There's no way they didn't get back together post-series.

That being said, haha, um, my second series OTP is Nina/Lucas. That period of time where they became besties and hung out all the time and then kissed in the rain and later ran into each other walking at night with her wearing the vintage slip and him wiping tears from her cheek? Yeah. Never over it. The whole feel of those particular books makes me happy; I love seeing Nina through Lucas' eyes - how he's so confused by her, but also sees everything that makes her beautiful - and I love how Nina cherishes Lucas' friendship when it's just the two of them left on the Island. I want so much more about that summer, with them going out on Lucas' fishing boat and Nina visiting him at the lighthouse, and him picking her up from her job at the school library, and swimming in the Geiger's pool, and gigs when the others are back in town. Wow, anything about them would also be so welcome, I can't even say. I only ask that Benjamin and Nina still have a great friendship.

(And, hey, if you wanna write threesomes, I'll never object.)

ALSO GEIGER SISTERS BEING AMAZING ALWAYS, PLEASE. The development of the relationship between Claire and Nina was so important, especially in Nina Won't Tell onwards. Also Claire's friendship with Benjamin is amazing. Just these four being great to be honest. I've wanted it for over a decade, I'd basically kill for anything at this point.


I really hope this is at all helpful, but, again, feel free to ignore everything and just write whatever makes you happy. If you have any questions at all then feel free to drop me an anon message on here or tumblr. I'm already so excited to see what you come up with, dear author, and thank you, thank you, thank you, in advance!

♥ ♥ ♥

Date: 2015-01-07 12:16 am (UTC)
nic: (Skating)
From: [personal profile] nic
So I found the "Making Out" story in the Yuletide archive and then had to go read your request for it. I share your love for this series and didn't think anyone else remembered it either!

Date: 2015-03-23 09:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hi, I'm so sorry I forgot to reply to this! BUT YES OMG THE MAKING OUT SERIES IS STILL EVERYTHING TO ME. The fics I got for Yuletide were so amazing *___* It's been so great running into people that remember the books after all these years because I still love them so much it hurts.


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