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Hello, glorious person!

First up, let me just say that I'm a) super excited, and b) going to be gloriously ecstatic with whatever you write for me, so don't worry about that. Mostly this letter will be filled with general, wishy-washy sentiments about how much I love certain characters or why I nominated something in the first place, so let your imagination run wild. I will try to be helpful though, I promise.

So, to repeat what I said last year:

I like slash, femslash, het, and poly relationships, but am equally happy with no romance at all. I love trope based fic, and character studies, and long plotty things, and short fluffy oneshots, and action and gen and porn and friendship dynamics. I tend to steer towards lighter stories but I also love a good dose of angst especially if it's appropriate for the fandom. Really, you can't go wrong, so have fun creating whatever catches your fancy and I can assure you that as soon as the fics go live I will be sat there grinning stupidly at my screen.

Things I'm not so keen on: abo universes, unhappy endings, humiliation/embarrassment, deathfic, 1st/2nd person narration, non-con/dub-con, pwp, everyone else knowing about a relationship before the people in the relationship.

Things I love: happy endings, first times, misunderstandings, accidental dating, alternate universes (high school/college/space/fantasy/historical/any!), fake relationships, road trips, time travel, genderswap, requited pining, canon inserts, post-canon codas, general fluffy things with a sharp edge, non-sober antics, slow burn. (kinks: dirty talk, foreplay, riding, height/size difference, just generally two people being super into whatever they're doing and vocal/obvious about it).

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by maggie stiefvater

[adam parrish, ronan lynch, blue sargent, noah czerny]

I'm a latecomer to this series, having only just been unable to put them down, but man oh man oh man. I am in love with everyone at this party. The relationship between Gansey, Blue, Adam, Ronan, and Noah is particularly important to me (the four character limit restricted me from adding Gansey to the list but you get the point) and I just love the world as it's presented in the books.

Ship-wise, I'm absolutely here for Adam/Ronan and Blue/Gansey, but also Blue/Noah (I was so hoping for that scene and then it happened and I smiled so hard it hurt for at least an hour) and 100% OT5 however it comes in all variations. As Blue says, they're all in love with each other so it's all good.

I'll admit to leaning more towards canon-ish fics for this fandom as opposed to straight out AUs, but whatever takes your fancy, really. I love their adventures and the mythology behind everything, and I love 300 Fox Way and the added dynamics there, but I'd equally love something about the other moments - Adam having to babysit Chainsaw, or Noah joining someone else's cuddle time, or how different Ronan is with Adam, or Blue turning up to prom with four dates.

I just love these characters a whole lot, so anything would make me happy.


[stella, evan, dena, davey]

I nominated this after I finally got around to seeing the movie and then the internet turned out to be a deadzone for everything I wanted from it. I guess I couldn't believe that there was a film in which Tom Harries had a crush on Aneurin Barnard and made him mixtapes and they sang '70s rock and performed Shakespeare and no one had written fic about it.

So, yes. If someone wanted to write me the story of the rest of that long, hot summer, with music and hanging out at the pool and too-warm nights riding bicycles between houses and the sense of change that comes from a Bowie record, I would be ecstatic.

Equally, anything about them just being school kids and having crushes and hormones would be amazing. It's a ready-made High School fic waiting to happen.

by katherine applegate

[nina geiger, claire geiger, lucas cabral, benjamin passmore]

SO GUESS WHO RECEIVED THE TWO MOST PERFECT FICS IN THE WORLD LAST YEAR FOR YULETIDE AFTER REQUESTING THIS FANDOM IN A DESPERATE AND LONG RESIGNED PLEA? I still can't believe that happened. I literally woke up on Christmas morning and cried and then had to explain to my family why and they pretty much summed it up when they said nothing they then gave me could top that, let's be honest. It was a glorious and magical Christmas for me.

So I figured, hey, might as well test my luck again ;)

This is my letter from last year where I spilled my heart over livejournal. To recap, Benjamin/Nina is one of my most formative ships and I will love them forever and a day, but I also ship Lucas/Nina like burning, and Geiger sister dynamics are my kryptonite.

Anything about Benjamin and Nina getting back together post-series would be a true gift.

Equally, anything steering off-canon and having Lucas and Nina's relationship that summer when it was just the two of them on the island develop into something more would be amazing.

Once again the true answer here is anything at all, as much use as that is.


[newt, minho, thomas]

Oh man, so, firstly, I've read the books so don't worry about spoilers but equally don't worry about ignoring the books entirely and just going with what the films have told us (I prefer the films anyway). Secondly, I'm just going to repeat what I put last year because it still sums it up pretty well:

I've requested The Mighty Gladers because I love these three the most, but feel free to include whoever you want, all the characters in the films are great. I ship Newt/Thomas the hardest, but I also love Newt/Thomas/Minho and any variation of, and the three of them being leaders and also awesome is what I'm here for.

This one is totally fair game: I'd love canon inserts or future fic or AUs or anything. Seriously, give me them rushing a frat or meeting at orientation or being on opposing sports teams. Give me day to day activity in the Glade or your take or what happens post-movie or canon divergences. Give me fic where they end up in Beacon Hills or go to Hogwarts or live on a spaceship. Give me first times and awkward morning afters and hiding from the other boys. Give me false memories or science-made-them-do-it or having to rescue one another from horrible situations. Give me late nights talking about what they do remember and early mornings pretending they don't remember anything. Give me pining and misunderstandings and (temporarily) losing one another. Bonus points if any of the above involve making out.

Also, thanks to The Scorch Trials, I don't have to request that Newt calls Thomas "Tommy" because they put it in :DDD Also thanks to The Scorch Trials a lot of those suggestions have become canon.

I'm so easy, seriously, as long as Newt is still Newt then I'm going to be happy.

Fingers crossed any of this is helpful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an anon message on here or tumblr. I'm buzzing already, so thank you a thousand times in advance, dear author.

♥ ♥ ♥


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