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Intro: Firstly, hi, thank you so much for writing something for me! I'm an easy person to please, honestly, so no pressure and know that whatever you come up with I'm 100% gonna adore. That being said, if you have any questions, anon message me here or on tumblr and I'll be happy to answer!

Things I'm not so keen on: abo universes, unhappy endings, humiliation/embarrassment, deathfic, 1st/2nd person narration, non-con/dub-con, pwp.

Things I love: happy endings, first times, misunderstandings, accidental dating, alternate universes (high school/college/space/fantasy/historical/band/any!), fake relationships, road trips, time travel, genderswap, requited pining, canon inserts, post-canon codas, general fluffy things with a sharp edge, non-sober antics, slow burn. (kinks: dirty talk, foreplay, riding, height/size difference, just generally two people being super into whatever they're doing and vocal/obvious about it).

As for the specific fandoms/ships I've requested:

Batgirl (Comics)
Stephanie Brown/Nick Gage

Oh boy. So, Steph is my favourite lady in the DCU, and I ship this so much, partly for the excellent failboat banter, and partly because Steph is an awkward bean and somehow Nick is worse, and I love and respect that about them.

Steph's Batgirl run is so amazing, and her relationship with Nick is just so good, and seriously, anything following on from that dynamic would make me so very happy. Generally just Nick feeling really guilty for flirting with this girl that is definitely far too young for him but not being able to bring himself to stop, and Steph being all sorts of ridiculous and enamoured and never knowing when to keep her mouth shut.

Young Justice
Roy Harper/Kaldur'ahm | Bart Allen/Jaime Reyes | Conner Kent/Kaldur'ahm

This show and fandom still mean the world to me, and basically you can in no way remotely go wrong with literally anything you want to write about it. Where Roy/Kaldur & Conner/Kaldur are concerned, I'd be so down with something post show or canon-divergent that explores who they become as they get older, and how they find their way in the world. (For Roy/Kaldur I'd love something that maybe explored the lasting damage they've been left with?) ANGST WITH A HAPPY ENDING IS ALWAYS A PLUS. Alternatively, hell, give me college AUS or everyone being in a band or awkward accidental dates back in the early days of the team.

As for Jaime/Bart, oh boy, oh boy. Anything! I'd be down for canon or AUs or anything in between. I love this ship to the moon and back, so you're golden. I mean, if you wanted to write me something about the aftermath of S2 and the (mostly positive but lasting) fallout from that, then that would be cool...

Lydia Branwell/Clary Fray | Clary Fray/Isabelle Lightwood | Simon Lewis/Jace Wayland | Lydia Branwell/Jace Wayland | Lydia Branwell/Isabelle Lightwood

My show. I love all of these ships/the idea of all these ships a lot and I am 100% here for absolutely anything. Lydia/Jace has been intriguing me since their conversation at the wedding and it's a place I'm hoping the show will possibly go, so go wild with that one. As for the others, yeah, I am here for canon or AUs. Feel free to write me all the fic about them in high school or a historical backdrop or space. Whatever grabs your imagination. This show and the possibilities for the fandom are endless and wonderful and this is not helpful at all, but really, anything.

A League of Their Own
Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff/Jack Whitehall | Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff/Jack Whitehall/Jamie Redknapp

I can't believe I'm asking for this but it was right there on the tags list and I probably love this show and these dumbos more than is healthy.

I don't even know what to ask for, but if you've offered this and been sent my way then you're probably as deeply in this hole as I am, so, you know anything that keeps with the tone of the show. Maybe an AU where Jack goes to all Freddie's cricket matches and sits near the pitch and is totally inappropriate, and it makes Freddie really mad except for how it doesn't. Or maybe something set on the Roadtrip. Or maybe just an episode gone to chaos (as if that's anything new). Maybe Jamie getting furious about their inability to take golf seriously.

Self-indulgent references to Freddie's baby picture are always a bonus.

All For the Game
Neil Josten/Andrew Minyard

These are currently sat at the top of my Favourite Books list. Oh boy, these two. I'm not even really sure what I'd ask for; the books are so flawlessly everything that I could want that I'm sat here wracking my brains, but I couldn't not ask for it.

I think really I'd just love some "missing moments" or some post-canon moments or some events through Andrew's eyes? How they act around each other on campus after everything's gone down, or how they are with the cats, or what happened with the others when Neil was taken. Anything like that.

I'm such a sucker for them I'll be all over anything, let's be honest.

Note: I know these are pretty vague, but that really is because I'd love for you to go with whatever spark you get. You can't go wrong with any of these ships for me, you really can't, and thank you! thank you! thank you! again! ♥︎
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