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Intro: Firstly, hi, thank you so much for writing something for me! I'm an easy person to please, honestly, so no pressure and know that whatever you come up with I'm 100% gonna adore. That being said, if you have any questions, feel free to anon message me on tumblr and I'll be happy to answer!

@ao3: finkpishnets

Things I'm not so keen on: abo universes, unhappy endings, humiliation/embarrassment, deathfic, 1st/2nd person narration, non-con/dub-con, pwp.

Things I love: happy endings, first times, misunderstandings, accidental dating, alternate universes (high school/college/space/fantasy/historical/band/any!), fake relationships, road trips, time travel, requited pining, canon inserts, post-canon codas, general fluffy things with a sharp edge, non-sober antics, slow burn. (kinks: dirty talk, foreplay, riding, height/size difference, just generally two people being super into whatever they're doing and vocal/obvious about it).

(I'd also like to apologise for the fact that I've largely only chosen one ship per fandom. I was very picky this year.)

As for the specific fandoms/ships I've requested:

Assassin's Creed
Alexander Graham Bell/Jacob Frye

First off, I love this game so much. So much. It's like they looked into my brain and asked what I wanted from an AC game and then made it. Victorian London is my jam, and the Frye twins are everything I could have asked for. Also high five to the powers that be for confirming bi Jacob a++.

As for Aleck/Jacob, oh. Oh. I fell for them far too quickly. SO YES. If we're matched on this (I'd be very surprised if we're matched on this), I would love you forever if you gave me these two dancing around each other, Aleck unsure if Jacob's mocking him or flirting, and Jacob confused that Aleck never seems to pick up on his signals. Or a future fic where Aleck's making a name for himself and Jacob's struggling with his demons. Or fic where Jacob just gets Aleck drunk and laughs at him and leaves him at his door at the end of the night like a gentleman and Aleck doesn't know how to deal with this, okay? Or fic where Evie and Henry try and set Jacob up with a handwavy ""someone"" and Jacob persuades Aleck to pretend to be his lover.

Honestly, anything you want and I'd be over the moon.

The Night Shift

I nominated all of these ships so I'd be very surprised if we're matched on this, but hi! If we are then I'm thrilled!

I love this little show that could, and I'm so taken with all the characters so you really can't go wrong. Feel free to stick with canon or go completely AU. I also love all the characters I haven't included in the ship list, so obviously feel free to include whoever.

To be more helpful (?), if we're matched on Michael/Landry, I'd love fic where they meet up further down the line, maybe working together again one day, and naturally fall into a relationship. For Drew/Michael, something about their animosity turning into respect. Drew/Kenny or Paul/Kenny, friends who gradually become something more. Jordan/Gwen, college days or friends who eventually figure their shit out. Paul/Shannon, what happens with them now, moving forwards.

But honestly: ANYTHING. I'd be happy if The Night Shift was suddenly a seventies punk band or the dead hour shift at an all night fast food joint. Whatever appeals to you!

Power Rangers

I loved this movie. I really loved this movie. If we've matched on this, you honestly cannot go wrong as long as you know my love for each of the characters is real and equal. If you just wanted to write about them hanging out in someone's front room I'd be ecstatic.

I have a soft spot for Zack, and for his friendship with Trini. I ship Trini/Kimberly a LOT (which wasn't eligible). I ship Jason/dudes, and Trini/girls, and think Jason and Kim should be excellent besties. Billy is the heart and soul of everything. SO WITH THAT BEING SAID.

I wasn't kidding about the hang outs. Honestly, fic where the five of them learn to be real friends outside of saving the world would be incredible. Fic where they still stumble learning to lean on other people. Fic where they all go to prom together. Honestly, these five being together is wonderful in any format. Flip side, feel free to take the individual ships and work out how they'd work separately, aside from the others, particularly with Jason/Zack.

If you want to write pure fluff, wonderful. If you want to write "they're in the middle of a battle and one of them's dying" angst, fantastic. If you want to write a "Power Rangers don't exist and they all just go to high school together" AU, brilliant. I'm honestly here for anything.

Six of Crows
Jesper Fahey/Wylan Van Eck

Oh man, I'm such a sucker for found families.

I love these books, and, with this, I'd love something set in canon. Post-canon would be amazing, but a coda or character study would also be great. I'd love something about Jesper trying to fit in at the Van Eck mansion after everything's over, or about how the others fit into the life Jesper and Wylan are making for themselves. I'd love fic about Jesper and Wylan suddenly stopping after all the action and realising they don't know how to be around each other yet without the threat of death over them. I'd love fic where they all set sail to go help Nina, or sign up to another heist with Kaz.

Once again, whatever you want to write, I'll love.

DCU (Comics)
Alan Scott/Jay Garrick

I had to do a double-take and check I hadn't nominated this myself, I was so surprised to see it on the list. So, hi! I know there are a ton of different timelines etc., God bless comics, but I should point out that I'll read any variation of this ship, but also that I'm obsessed with them in the New 52 (gasp! I know!) Earth 2.

Mostly because I'm obsessed with canon gay Alan Scott, and everything that run has Jay Garrick be from the moment he's broken up with for having no drive in life.

Long shot, but if you'd write me something in that universe where Alan is the big shot CEO and Jay is a college drop out, and no one understands why these two are hanging out??? that would be great. Or, OR, fic after Earth 2 where they start spending time together whilst making new homes for themselves. Just generally anything with a *cough* slight age different + Alan being supposedly put together and Jay being a giant mess in life who's trying, okay? that'd honestly give me life.

Equally, if you're not familiar with that run, I'll take anything. Green Lantern/Flash is a major go to ship of mine (yo, Hal Jordan/Barry Allen) and I know my DC comics well enough to gladly muddle through anything. Fly free, my friend!

Gossip Girl
Dan Humphrey/Eric Van Der Woodsen | Dan Humphrey/Blair Waldorf | Nate Archibald/Dan Humphrey

Ha, so I saw this on the list and had to. I may, may still be a teensy bit furious about the final season of the show (just a bit), and basically Dan Humphrey deserved better. Blair Waldorf certainly deserved better. And Nate and Eric have been deserving better since about season 2.

So, Dan/Blair is my show OTP. It's been my OTP since 1x04 when they sat in that hallway. I've never been so happy with the show as when they did that glorious slow-burn friends to lovers story, and how healthy and wonderful and mature they were together and ANYWAY let's just pretend I didn't then get my heart broken by frankly offensive script writing. SO HI, if you wanna write me Dan/Blair, can I first give you my eternal devotion, and secondly say that absolutely any timeline would be amazing. I'd love fix it fic that brings them back together, or canon divergence fic where they don't break up in the first place, or fic where they're still in high school and get together then instead. Hey, be self-indulgent and give me time travel fic where one or both of them wakes up with the chance to set things right! I honestly don't mind.

As for Dan/Eric or Dan/Nate: I loved both these relationships of the show. Dan and Eric's slight brotherly affection for each other was always great, and I love the idea that Eric's had a crush on Dan for years. Maybe fic where they're older and Eric's still there on the other end of divorces and Upper East Side power shifts and best-selling novels, and it takes Dan far too long to notice. Or canon-divergent fic with handwavy age stuff where Serena was never the Van Der Woodsen Dan had his eye on. ANYTHING TBH.

For Dan/Nate, their friendship is so great and I'd love something that stemmed from that. Maybe fic where they don't realise they're dating, or where everyone else thinks they're practically married and it's never crossed their minds. That or fake dating. You can never, ever go wrong with fake dating fic.

I'm so down with whatever you come up with!

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Gil Brodie/Scott Ryder

Hi! Let's talk about how amazing ME:A is but how weirdly paced this romance is!

I love Scott SO MUCH (what a wonderful faily dork) and I love Gil so much that I even got over his weird facial hair, like, immediately! And, anyway, their romance going from "casual flirting" to "hey come meet my bff and oh btw are we boyfriends???" to "LET'S HAVE A KID" was...a rush. Literally.

SO HI, if we're matched on this, I would literally give you Scott and Gil's firstborn for fic about the betweens. Any of the moments that tie those events together. Getting to know each other, dates that they're hesitant to call dates before the other does, nights in Scott's room.

I also had my Scott do the Reyes romance up until the ""reveal"" so feel free to include mention of that (I have this love of Scott always falling for the "wrong" person, or someone they can't totally trust, maybe, and yeah, Gil's not the most exciting guy, but he's fun and charming and genuinely nice, and Scott finds that more appealing than he'd ever have thought...).

I love this game and everyone in it, so include who you will. I'm going to love anything you give me because it's bound to be more than the game did (/totally not bitter).

Mass Effect Trilogy
Steve Cortez/James Vega

Let me present to you the ship I always forget isn't canon. Like, always. My love for them is almost as all consuming as their love for each other.

I'm honestly giving you free range for this one. I'd take anything. I'm aware of how unhelpful that is, but I'm sitting here flapping my hands about trying to narrow it down to vague prompts and coming up with "AND JAMES CALLS HIM ESTEBAN AND STEVE CALLS HIM MISTER VEGA AND THEY'RE IN LOVE OK?" so. I mean, maybe something where James starts calling Steve 'Mister Vega', and the crew are so used to hearing the nickname they don't realise it's coming out of the wrong mouth and anyway that's how it takes the crew months to realise Steve and James are married. Or maybe something pre-game about when they first met and got to know each other. Or post-game and James just moving in with Steve and not saying anything and Steve going along with it. Or James getting hurt on a mission and Steve freaking out/Steve getting hurt on a mission ala Leviathan and James losing it.


(Unimportant side note, feel free to disregard: I tend to play MShep more often than not, and MShep/Kaidan is my totally ineligible PC ship. This is highly unimportant but just in case you wanted to know.)

ANYWAY, this ended up feeling like an essay and got way less coherent as it went along.

TL;DR please write whatever you want. I'm going to love it. If nothing I've hinted at sparks inspiration, scrap it all and go with something that does. I really can't wait to see what you come up with, and thank you, thank you, thank you in advance! ♥︎

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